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Enjoy our all-inclusive luxury Opera Inn

A combination of both tradition and contemporary, we at the Opera Inn strive to achieve customer satisfaction by utmost cordiality and put in efforts to make your stay not just comfortable but also memorable. The unmatched hospitality by our heart warming staff is sure to delight you along with the ambience of the place. We have made sure to keep up with the modern times while not leaving our Kashmiri traditions behind. Come and be awestruck with the magnificence created by the combination of Italian marble floors and Khatamband wooden ceilings. A similar tale is echoed in the restaurant which features all the major cuisines like Continental, Chinese, etc. plus our very own Kashmiri Wazwan.

Apart from boasting about providing you the numerous relaxing and appetising delights, a great advantage of the Opera Inn is its prime location, i.e. within the city centre. A 15 minute drive from the airport makes sure you reach your boudoir without a waste of time in the traffic and relax peacefully. Going out sight-seeing and shopping is also most convenient, in case you can leave your captivating room;) We are sure to offer you a treat whatever be your taste and a retreat whatever be your preferences.

Come and allow us to serve you once. You will definitely want to come back.

What our clients say!

Really love the Operainn hotel for their Hospitality and Service. Great Job!



Love the rooms, staff are friendly and professional and breakfast was delicious. Thanks!